{St. Patrick's Day} Easy Guinness Gingerbread Cake

Photo: William Dickey
With St. Patrick's Day approaching quickly, we wanted to do something with beer, other than drink it!

This Easy Guinness Gingerbread Cake recipe uses boxed cake mix as well as extra stout beer as a secret ingredient. The full flavor of the Stout complements the spices within the cake. For those who don't like Stout, don't worry, you'll never know that it's in the finished cake. A simple butter cream frosting completes this delicious picture!

Top your St. Patrick's day masterpiece with some toasted pecans and you'll be the hit of the party.




80 Great Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and a great time to focus on your nutritional health.

Whether you're a model eater, or could use some help in the diet department, this month will give you a good opportunity to think more about the food you're eating.

Try these activities, habits, and small changes to celebrate nutrition and food this month.

~ Roxanne of Nursingschools.net

{Guest Post} Brunswick Stew Recipe

(photo by: Romulo Yanes)
There are conflicting claims as to where Brunswick Stew originated. Brunswick Georgia? Brunswick County Virginia?

Hard to say – but one thing is clear to me – this is good stuff!

Brunswick stew was reported to be traditionally cooked in a huge pot over open flames. I do not have that option, so I use a heavy stockpot.

Obviously cutting the recipe down IS an option. This makes a lot of stew – and as far as I can remember – it does freeze and reheat fine. Just be careful not to burn it when reheating. I prefer to reheat on the stove, not in a microwave.

Options: This stew can be made with just chicken (1.5-2lbs) but the smoked pulled pork really adds to the flavor. Unfortunately, if you do not have your own smoker – it does also add to the cost of the stew. ~ Cookie Galore of Cooks Insanity

Whole Wheat Applesauce Pancake Recipe

Pancakes - Photo by WayTru
The homemade goodness of applesauce and pancakes come together in this delicious dish that your family will love!

Chunky unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon and whole wheat pastry flour combine to create a flavorful breakfast treat. You might consider substituting the applesauce with finely diced apples; which would enhance the flavor even more.

Top these tasty pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup, sweet apple butter or fresh fruit and....enjoy!

Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Pesto Mayo
A perfect Grilled Chicken Sandwich recipe for indoor entertaining or a weeknight meal.

You'll savor the flavor of the Pesto Mayo. These sandwiches offer a classy, yet casual approach to mealtime. Make your own homemade pesto >> Homemade Pesto Recipe or your favorite pre-made brand.

We love French rolls, however these sandwiches are awesome on Ciabatta rolls too.

Tomato-Basil Tortellini Recipe

Whole Wheat Tortellini
Sometimes semi-homemade meals become a necessity during busy times! It's just not always possible to create a completely homemade meal when you've been driving your kids from dentist to their piano lesson and then to soccer practice.

We're using Whole Wheat Three-Cheese Tortellini by Buitoni© and topping it with a semi-homemade sauce in today's recipe.  Whole Wheat semolina pasta rings, filled with a blend of fresh creamy ricotta, aged Parmesan and Romano cheeses make this tortellini recipe extra special.  Enjoy!