DIET is a four-letter word!

Since this is the first post of the New Year it came to mind that most people reading this have either started a diet, contemplating a diet or are wanting to watch what they eat. The word DIET is a nasty four-letter word in my opinion as the diet industry has become big business with low rates of success. If you have dieted, lost weight AND kept it off then congratulations! To the rest of the 95% of us that gained back the weight...or more weight than we lost - never fear, there is hope. I'll be discussing Super Foods in upcoming posts, which may help you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle (notice, I didn't say a diet which may help you!)

You may be wondering what gives me any authority on losing weight or eating healthier. I won't go into all the details; however I have been overweight for more years in my life, than not. While growing up I was an athlete and could eat just about anything I wanted. I married right out of high school, quickly had a baby and have never been thin again since. As life stresses hit me over the years my weight escalated higher and higher.

In 2007, I lost 89 pounds by simply writing down everything that I ate, adding up the calories each day to keep within 1600 to 1800 calories a day plus ate lots of Super Foods while doing so. I've also been a carb junkie my entire life; but the most important thing was WHY I was a (bad) carb junkie. I truly believe that the reason the majority of overweight people are overweight is because we eat instead of dealing with life. I am a Food Addict and use food to soothe myself when I'm sad, mad, glad, have PMS or bored. I have fond memories of my mother and I going to the local bakery, buying a dozen raised glazed donuts and eating half of them on the way even makes my mouth water just writing about it - plus provides a happy memory of my mother.

You may be able to relate to this, you may not, depending on your circumstances or where you are in your journey to being honest with yourself. If you consider yourself overweight and only have 5, 10, 20 pounds to lose then I can't relate and you probably can't relate to this article.

In March of 2008, life started a toward spiral with two family deaths, long term illness, empty nest syndrome, a job loss, husband's work injury, moving AND I gained back most of those unnecessary 89 pounds. It is hard to accept that I failed yet a great friend basically told me to let go of my self-loathing and failure to move forward. This statement was just what I needed to get started in a forward direction again. I began adding back Super Foods into my life and I'm feeling better (less depression, less aches, better mood, hugely reduced bad cholesterol level).

If you have never written down everything you eat, I highly suggest it! Just eat the way you normally do while writing down the calories for one week (there are many free online calorie calculators). Let me know what you discover about the things you eat.

I'd also love to hear about your experiences with the Super Foods which we will be discussing during the week...first post coming shortly.


  1. I think you can like/love food and still be a good eater and a healthy weight. The key is balance, exercise, and setting some limits. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. Thank you for this post!! It sounds exactly like I could be telling the story. I'm going to start writing down everything I eat and can't wait to read about the Super Foods.


  3. DIET, the most famous word of all time. . .I want to share this with you, “I've found without question that the best way to lead others to a more plant-based diet is by example - to lead with your fork, not your mouth.”hehehe Diet is nothing if you're not totaly motivated. First focus on dieting but remember dont starved yourself. . there is a lot of ways to control your weight in a natural ways of course. Be happy to shed those pounds but not your tears while eating a jumbo burger