A Little Bit About Peaches

With their distinctive fuzzy skin, peaches are on of the prettiest fruits. And in addition to their beauty, peaches also provide some powerful nutritional benefits.

Each peach is 80% to 90% water, and contains approximately 3 grams of fiber. The high-water/high fiber combination is very beneficial to the gastrointestinal system – it helps you stay regular.

Peaches also contain high levels of many cancer-fighting phytonutrients, and also have a low glycemic index – which keeps your energy levels balanced and makes you feel full longer between meals.

To ensure you get all the nutrition from the peach, don’t skip the fuzzy skin. A high percentage of the nutrients are contained in the skin.

According to the Environmental Working Group, peaches top the chart of fruits with high concentrations of pesticides. Therefore, buy organic peaches whenever possible.

Article by Robin's Got Health A little on Peaches.


  1. You have really good knowledge about peaches. Peaches can be dried, canned, made into jams, jellies and jams, used as a filling for desserts, and is used as an ingredient in many dishes, from appetizers to main dishes. Peaches will peel more easily if blanched for one minute in boiling water, then dipped in cold water for a minute to stop the heat. Thanks for provide this information.

  2. Peach is a very good fruit's. it is the orange color depth and ambiguity. Contains the core of a peach pit, which is the seed of a peach tree.