As I get older I have come to appreciate the loveliness of...aprons! Yes, really, aprons!  They can make a dreary day fun with their bright colors as well as be very practical while cooking, cleaning and/or dealing with the kids. I found this adorable little book which would make the perfect gift for the apron lover in your life.

With features on CBS's Sunday Morning and NPR's All Things Considered, EllynAnne Geisel raises the apron to cult status. This little book asserts, "You can never have too many aprons or too many memories." Apron anecdotes and aphorisms merge with quotes, photographs, and memories to offer down-home-spun, no-nonsense wisdom that is tinged with humor. For ultimate giftability, the book's case wrap mimics fabric.

EllynAnne Geisel, an essayist and apron aficionado, celebrates the spirit of the men and women who wore aprons through her traveling exhibit, Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections, now managed by The Women's Museum (Dallas, TX), a Smithsonian affiliate. Her passion for aprons can also be seen through her inventive vintage designs for her company, Apron Memories. Her aprons have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and worn by Bree Van De Kamp of the Desperate Housewives television show. Retail price $5.99


  1. You know, my mother used to wear aprons when I was a kid. I always found them anoying and never had any and wear one at work more as a uniform than for practical reasons. Your comment right at first shined new light on the issue. I never thought of them as brightening a day with lively colors.

  2. My mother made me many aprons when I was younger and until she passed I never really thought much about them. I have bunches of them hung in my pantry now and each is fun & festive and reminds me of the loving care my mom used to make them. I hope the majority of your days are filled with aprons that brighten your day as well as your spirit!

  3. Thank you for deeming my precious little book the perfect apron lover's gift. It slips so sweetly into the pocket on an apron - plus, the "isms" are straight from my heart.


  4. Thanks for dropping by EllynAnne - our little blog is so privileged to have you here. I love your book and I love aprons! Happy Holidays. :O)